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Paris / Berlin : 20 Years of Underground Techno // Official Trailer

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Paris / Berlin : 20 Years of Underground Techno // Official Trailer Empty Paris / Berlin : 20 Years of Underground Techno // Official Trailer

Message par MmePop le 22nd Février 2014, 14:13

Paris / Berlin : 20 Years of Underground Techno // Official Trailer from Amélie Ravalec on Vimeo.

Paris/Berlin: 20 years of underground techno - Official Trailer
Directed by Amélie Ravalec
Produced by Les Films Du Garage
Running time : 52 minute
Release date : May 24th, 2012
With Laurent Garnier (Fcom), Regis (Downwards), Adam X (Sonic Groove), Function (Sandwell District), Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts), Ancient Methods (AM/ Downwards), Nick Höppner (Ostgut ton), Terence Fixmer (Planète Rouge), Tama Sumo (Ostgut ton), Dasha Rush (Full Panda), Milton Bradley (Do not resist the beat), Lupo (Dubplates & Mastering), Tobias Rapp (Berlin, techno und der Easy Jet set) and many more.
From secret Parisian parties to Berlin's infamous Berghain club, Paris/Berlin documents the underground movement of techno through the lens of two different cities.
This 52 minute documentary traces the evolution of techno telling the stories of the dj's, producers, label managers, promoters, record shops and distributors that have stayed true to its original spirit.
Screened in countless clubs, cultural events, cinemas and festivals across Europe - UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Croatia, Austria, Netherlands as well as in the USA (NYC, San Francisco and Washington), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Perth) and Singapore -12 month's since its release and Paris/Berlin continues to attract sellout crowds worldwide.
"Paris/Berlin immerses us in the dark cellars of Berlin and Paris, at a time where underground techno has never been so alive"
-Trax Magazine
"Through interviews with some of modern Techno's most lauded DJs and producers, 'Paris / Berlin - 20 Years Of Underground Techno' tells the story of the sound's spread from Detroit in the late '80s to the titular European capitals in the '90s and beyond."
"The highly informative and exclusively detailed 52-minute film featured some of France and Germany's finest underground musicians discussing the history of techno transitioning from a secretively illegal scene to a European tourist attraction. The documentary will be one of the classic documentaries of music journalism."
-Bump festival
"Constantly maintaining a historical and social tension, the documentary is one of the most serious studies on the subject of techno. It conveys the energy, faith and sincerity that led to its realisation. There is something wonderful and deeply moving that occurs when the end credits roll. Taken on a journey, the viewer realises that a deep and sincere love for this music is what drives these people."
-Trace a line
"French director Amélie Ravalec brings us a documentary that follows the footsteps of techno movement, this time with an uncompromising focus on underground techno over the past two decades in Europe and its resilient force that has captivated people. The film provides a meaningful picture if not the answer to what makes underground techno special"
-Neon Tape Deck
"This documentary is not only an auditory treat but also a spectacle to behold, weaving together wonderful stylised footage, musical performances and insight from some of the genre's most innovative and influential figures."
"Paris/Berlin is a really interesting reflection on new music itself, on artists and fans who refuse to compromise, preferring to inhabit the subterranean underground where the desire for the new and different is incubated."
-Six Thousand
Amélie Ravalec released her first self-funded documentary Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno in May 2012. She directed and produced it over three years interviewing some of the most influential DJ's, producers and figureheads of the techno scene.
She also co-founded the French-Belgium based foundation and record label Fondation Sonore in 2011 focusing on industrial techno and experimental music. The label's first release by Ancient Methods and Kareem sold out in a week and the labels second release by Adam X (Sonic Groove) is set to do the same.
Amélie is currently working on her second music documentary Industrial Soundtrack Of The Urban Decay, a 90 minute feature on industrial and experimental music from the late 70s/80s. Featuring interviews from the pioneers Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Test Dept, Clock DVA, Boyd Rice and many more.

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