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MAOFRee N'DJing Podcast #004 by Dj Willys - K1 Resistance

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MAOFRee N'DJing Podcast #004 by Dj Willys - K1 Resistance

Message par KRISTOF.T le 6th Février 2014, 07:20

MAOFRee N'DJing Podcast #004 by Dj Willys - K1 Resistance by Maofree N'Djing Podcast on Mixcloud

Manic Brothers - Black Bay (Original Mix)
Spiros Kaloumenos - The Return (Original Mix)
Corbeau - (Remix Locktite)
Metropolis (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) - Pedro Delgardo
Roman Gertz, Subfractal - Steady (Deh-Noizer Fire Remix)
Tom Hades & Soren Aalberg - Pink, Duim, Wijsvinger (Original Mix)
Pan-Pot & Pascal Mollin - The Elephant (Pascal Mollin & Thorsten Heiser Remix)
Prosthetic Conscience (Bodyscrub Remix) - Spektre & Subfractal
Gymmy J - Saw (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix)
Groove Tork (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) - Spiriakos & Steen
Christian Fischer - Watch the Dog (Mark Broom Remix)
Groundstate (Mike Humphries Remix) - Spiros Kaloumenos
The Wall (Original Mix) - Spiros Kaloumenos
Describe (Piatto Remix) - AnGy KoRe
Hot Point (AnGy KoRe Remix) - Jin Haze
Kevin Arnemann - Sculpture (Tom Hades Remix)
Lady Gogo (Original Mix) - AnGy KoRe
Glitter (Urbano Remix) - Oleg Mass & Alex Okrazo
Cacophony - Slam
Syndrome (A-Brothers Remix) - Spiros Kaloumenos
Spiros Kaloumenos - Trademark (AnGy KoRe Remix)
koma -
Marco Bailey, Tom Hades - Sweet Narcoses (Original Mix)
Fucking Duck (Angy Kore Remix) - Max Bett
Welcome (Skober Remix) - AnGy KoRe
Nuke - Going Upstairs (Mark Broom Remix)
Spiros Kaloumenos - Blackout (Original Mix)
Spiros Kaloumenos - Dirty Mind (Original Mix)
Mark Broom - Satellite (Mix One)
I Forgom My Last Night - Anthony Attalla & Tone Depth Remix
bang (original mix) - Kraemer & Niereich
Lithium -
Crop Circle (Axel Karakasis Remix) - Spiros Kaloumenos
Equation (Microcheep & Mollo Remix) - Spiros Kaloumenos
Second Skin (Spiriakos and Steen Remix) - Spiros Kaloumenos

For DJ Willys, it starts In 1995 his first revelationary for TECHNO music . His early mixes from March ‘98 evolved into a mastery of diverse styles: minimal, techno, hardtek, tribe, drum & bass… A co-creator of the OSM’OZ collective between 1999 and 2001, he became a member of the AS’TEK sound system in 2005 and K1 resistance in 2007. His performances include: “PLAY” with D’Jedi (aka electric rescue) and Drake Dehlen. “Insomniac” with Daisy aka Mandragore aka Mutine, Double Bass, Alix and Mark Kay. “Trilogique” with Twin and Molok. Elsewhere, he has shared stages with Charles Schiling, Carlo Mora, Beat Torrent, Woxo, Missill, Run X, Oxyd, Mopy, Eric Tarlouf, Miatek, Nolderise, Hip Noise, Laura Palmer, 120 and more...
Tout commence lors d’une soirée extérieure au Portugal pendant les vacances en 91, son progressive et trance. 95 Se fut un coup de foudre pour le son techno. Premier mix en mars 98 et depuis a évolué dans différents styles : minimal, techno, hardgroove, hardtek, tribe et drum&bass.
Cofondateur de l’asso OSM’OZ de 99 a 2001 et AS’TEK en 2005. intégré depuis dans le crew K1 RESISTANCE....
A également mixé sur des freeparty's et technivals avec les K1 résistance, oblyk dfroké, ODN, the center coast, OHM. Il a partagé la scène avec D’jedi aka electric rescue,Charles schiling, carlo mora, Commuter, Antony Adam, Drake dehlen, Daisy aka Mandragore, Alix, Mark kay, Kreiss&Gfp, Oxyd, Asher, Nolderise, Hip noise, Alix Roy, C-Bass, Laura palmer, DoubleBass, Willyman, 120, Twin, Molok ... …. Ses références techno : Paco Osuna, Phellipe, Cari Lekebush, Pascal Feos, Adam bayer, Cris liebing……. Drum&bass : Renegade, Willyman , shy fx….. Hardtek/tribe : 9mm, labo 14, iguane, Bass Addict……. Minimal: D'jamency, Dan berkson, James what, mic Newman, lewie day, Fachann, hollen, Maverikz, Citizen kain.....


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