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MAOFree N'DJing Podcast #001 by El Grego

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MAOFree N'DJing Podcast #001 by El Grego

Message par KRISTOF.T le 2nd Février 2014, 17:29

MAOFree N'DJing Podcast #001 by El Grego by Maofreedjing on Mixcloud

Tack Listing:
Pursuing My Way (Kwartz Remix) - David Meiser
Grainer - Exium
Hypnosis 2.0 (Justin Schumacher Remix) - Flex
Grinding (Black Hats remix) - Advanced Human
Reticula - Víctor Martínez
On Clock - Lewis Fautzi
Silgaar - RVDE
Narro - Tex-Rec
Steam Turbine - Advanced Human
Mö 3  - Möd3rn
Terminus (Ricardo Garduno Remix) - Bryan Chapman
201 Phasing (Chris Liebing Triple Bell Edit) - Lucy
Fabryka - Advanced Human
Atlas Tour (Ronan Teague remix) - Trysh PROMO VIZION RECORDS
Cosmic Geometry - Peja
Visceral - Flug
Peron (Marco Asoleda Remix) - Noods PROMO AMAZONE RECORDS
Rage - Bas Mooy
Who Controls - David Meiser & Black Asteroid PROMO
Fractal Move - Ralph Mirto
Driving Bells - Frank Savio

Bio El Grego:
El GrÈgo was rocked by electronic music when he first visited APOCALYPSE in Paris in 1994 where he heard djís including Lunatic Asylum, Liza ní Eliaz & Manu le Malin amongst others.

From this moment onwards he started djing hardcore and hardtechno with a number of residencies using all of the weapons at his disposal behind the decks.
After meeting a number of like minded djís and faces on the local music scene, he joined Radio Campus Orleans and co-hosted 2 shows, Expression of Pitch on Thursdays evening followed by Pitch Maniak on Fridays.
During the broadcasts El GrÈgo dropped techno and hardcore until he left the shows in 2000.

After a break of 10 years from the electronic music scene El GrÈgo returned to our ears in 2010. He now plays some of the best dark minimal techno and when performing he tries to use the decks to tell a story to dancefloor though the selection of music and his skills behind the decks.

Since May 2011,Thursday twice a month, his 2 hours show Dark Beat factory receive a guest for one hour techno set (Cortechs, Michael Schwarz, Morgan Tomas, Couch Lock, Peder, Marco Asoleda, D'Jamency, Brian Burger, A-Brothers, SyncTherapy, Dolby D, Leghau, Roman Kramer, Dcibel and many more to come). On september 2012, Unconscious Laws aka Ulaws joined him to manage the show.

End of 2013, he stopped to manage the show for some personnal reasons but keep enjoying to spin for some events or podcasts.


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