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Message par KRISTOF.T le 1st Février 2014, 10:05


1. Raphael Dincsoy, Pierre Deutschmann - AWG50 [H-Productions]
2. Emmanuel - Nuke [Enemy Records]
3. Bryan Chapman - Silo [Illegal Alien Records]
4. Benjamin Damage - 010x (Truncate Remix) [50 Weapons]
5. Hector Oaks - Warten - (Conrad Van Orton Remix) [Consumer Recreation Service Records]
6. Gary Beck - Timeline (Par Grindvik Remix) [Bek Audio]
7. Bryan Chapman - Terminus (Ricardo Garduno Remix) [Illegal Alien Records]
8. Yuuki Sakai - Cigarette [Warm Up Recordings]
9. 400ppm - Monoculture [Avian]
10. Kroman Celik - Acid Liver (Michael Schwarz Remix) [Heavy Snatch Records]
11. Reinier Zonneveld - Deceptive Guidance (Monixs Retooled Version) [Illegal Alien Records]
12. Urbano - Shape [Ketra Records]
13. Terrence Dixon - Giant Robot [Arts Digital]
14. Sleeparchive - 8 [Tresor]
15. These Hidden Hands - Trelesire [Hidden Hundred]


1. What is your musical background?

The earliest exposure to electronic music started when i was very young, through my father. He’s always been into sounds that weren’t considered ‘conventional’ for their time. I always thank that exposure from my father as the subconscious foundation for what i do today.

2. How did you get into techno music?

When I’ve looked back retrospectively into the sounds that started pushing my listening into the more diverse ranges, tracks like Daft Punk ‘Rollin & Scratchin’, The Chemical Brothers ‘Song to the Siren’ and Aphex Twin ‘Digeridoo’ are the tracks that stand out the most. Everything has been an ongoing evolution to get me to where i am today, never by design. I like things to evolve organically but the conscious beginnings, are those tracks.

3. You live over in Europe, are there plans to visit the USA? Any upcoming tours we should know about elsewhere in the world?

Nothing is 100% confirmed at the moment but it is something that is a case of when and not if with the US. Each year there seems to be certain places that have ‘that’ vibe about it and 2013 the States has been one of those places for sure. Great to see techno rising up again, not that it ever went away but the exposure has reached a higher level it seems in US.

4. Europe has some great techno coming out of there, can you tell us a little bit about the scene where you are in the South Coast of the UK?

Yeah there’s certainly an abundance of quality producers on the south coast at the moment, something in the water or something coming in off the south coast sea maybe, the salt air, i don’t know. It seems to be working. The fact its not just techno is nice too, some are a lot deeper and some really interesting things are happening for everyone right now. Its great when a group of friends in the industry all have so many good things happening at once. Certainly makes for interesting dinner and pub chattering’s.

5. What is you DJ set up? (Traktor, Controllers, CDs, Mixer, everything you bring with you and expect from the club)

SD cards is simplest answer, they fit everything that i need for playing out to date. Mixer wise i will always gravitate to an Allen & Heath as i feel the kind of sound i play, is suited to the sound an Allen & Heath produces. When i DJ, i play what i would want to be dancing to and losing my mind in, if i wasn’t DJ’ing. Expectations of clubs i don’t have, things are never as you expect anywhere, and open mindness is my mind set for everything, especially in a DJ’ing sense.

6. What artists are you playing a lot of music from right now, and what are your 3 top tracks?

ask me this question every week and I’m sure i would give you 3 different names every time. But today, i would say Benjamin Damage, Mark Broom and Shifted. Tracks would be Hector Oaks – Warten – (Conrad Van Orton Remix) on CRS Records, Benjamin Damage – ETI Rework on 50 Weapons and Terrence Dixon – Giant Robot on Arts Digital

7. What is your production set up?

the key to my production is in essence, simplicity.

8. What stuff do you have coming out soon? There is a big Illegal Alien EP that has just dropped correct?

Yeah the EP for Illegal Alien is an exciting one, its my 2nd EP for IA and its a label I’ve been really into for the last few years. Its a label with the right vibe that suits me and I know Ricardo well, one of the industries good guys. For 2014, I’ve got a follow up 3 track EP on H-Productions, which is also the labels 20th year. Plus i have follow up EP’s on Driving Forces, Enemy and my debut on Octopus.

9. That’s exciting, we can’t wait to hear those new sounds! So, when you aren’t DJing or in the studio where can we expect you to be and what are you doing?

Abandoned architecture, high frequency vibrations, mindfulness, surrounded by trees, spiritual enlightenment and exploring ways to exploit more creativity out of myself into tangible forms.

10. What we can expect from you in 2014?

Frankly, lots. Certain ideas are in the germination stage that need the time to evolve organically and others are close in coming to fruition.

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