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[Instrumental] Emancipator

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[Instrumental] Emancipator Empty [Instrumental] Emancipator

Message par Dr3amAsouNd le 26th Avril 2013, 09:41

Douglas Appling, better known by his stage name Emancipator, is an American trip hop producer based in Portland, Oregon. His tracks have been included in compilation albums such as Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection. His debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough, was released in 2006.
Rolling Stone Japan published an interview with Appling in November, 2008.
Appling's song Wolf Drawn was featured in the trailer for Toby Dawson - Lost and Found, an upcoming documentary on the Olympic medal winning mogul skier Toby Dawson.
In November 2012 Appling founded his own label Loci Records.
His third album, Dusk to Dawn, was released on January 29th 2013 on Loci Records. The first single, Minor Cause, was released January 9th, and can be downloaded for free at Loci Records' Bandcamp site.

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[Instrumental] Emancipator Empty Re: [Instrumental] Emancipator

Message par mystikjay le 29th Avril 2013, 09:17

Voilà quelques titre d'émancipator qui font parti de mes favoris, je suis vraiment FAN de cet artiste

Bonne écoute Smile